With Sigma, we use our 20 years of experience to find you the ideal waste collection service for your business.

We work alongside over 200 waste companies across the United Kingdom, and we have direct access to the best rates in the business. We take care of your complete account and look after every aspect of your collection service.

One bill, one solution, no more headaches. Check out our range of services below.


Sigma offer a large range of wheelie bin sizes ranging from 240 – 1100 litres in capacity. These bins are ideal for a large range of waste types and suitable for use across many sectors.

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Our trade waste collection service is ideal for businesses where having a bin is not an option, such as businesses based in office buildings or city centres where space is limited. You can pre order a bulk amount of bags for your business, and simply put them out on your schedules collection day at no extra charge.

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For businesses that produce a large amount of waste, we can offer Rear End Loader (REL) containers or Compactors. REL’s are lidded waste containers with capacity that greatly exceeds a standard bin. Compactors, which are available in static or portable options, are again suitable for large scale waste producers. Compactors allow for compaction of the waste on a ratio of 4:1, so you can dispose of a high volume of waste easily and quickly. REL’s and Static Compactors are emptied on site, whilst a portable compactor is collected, emptied and then returned to you.

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